October 2016

FUERTE: Strength, Healing and Empowerment for Youth on Probation

By Molly Lautamo

Anyone who works at FUERTE (Families United in Respect, Tranquility and Hope) can tell you the partnership between Encompass and the Santa Cruz County Probation Department is a rare but powerful example of how community collaboration can change lives and the juvenile system as we know it today.

New programs leadership in place

By Teresa Ruiz Decker
Communications Manager

This month we hired the last key member of our programs leadership team. The smiling group of faces looking back signals a new day in our organization as plans for a more unified Encompass are starting to take shape for organizational change that will be impactful and lasting. Our newest programs leadership team members are:

The drive to volunteer

By Dennis Patton
Manager, Santa Cruz Residential Recovery 

Jason Harris wanted to serve Santa Cruz Residential Recovery (SCRR) at Encompass simply because he wanted to give back and stay busy. But when he began serving SCRR as a transportation volunteer, he quickly fell in love with the work as he discovered that his service helps people get their life back.