PAPÁS, Supporting Father Involvement (S.F.I.), offers parent groups and social activities designed to strengthen the father-child bond. Our goals are to increase positive father-child relationships and promote the role of fathers in the lives of their young children. Program activities offer fun and educational opportunities for parents to learn about the beneficial role of father figures in the family and community. We also run discussion-format workshops for fathers and couples as part of a study on how to effectively promote father involvement. Research shows that when dads or other father figures participate in children's lives those kids do better in school, have less legal troubles, better problem-solving skills and reduced teen pregnancy among many other positive outcomes. In addition, fathers report more satisfaction at work, greater self-esteem and better overall health. The strong father-child bond is a win-win partnership with life-long benefits! If you are a biological father of at least one child aged 11 years or under or an expectant father, call PAPÁS today! (831) 226-3478 or email