Child & Family Development Programs

Families, Staff, and Community United for the Well Being of Children

Child and Family Development Programs (CFDP) unite staff, families and the community in the development of services focusing on the well-being of children. Through these partnerships, children and families are strengthened and the community is enriched. Through child development programs serving children birth through five, CFDP ensures young children are healthy and ready for school. Since a positive start in life is important to future success, program strategies nurture parents as their children’s first and most influential teachers, and connect families to community resources to enrich their lives. Through promotion of father involvement, the parental bond between father and child is preserved and strengthened. We know children do better on a host of outcomes, including educational achievement and physical and emotional health, when they have a responsible, loving, and committed father in their lives. CFDP is committed to building strong families and life-ready children through programs which enrich and promote their potential to succeed.

CFDP Location
225 Westridge Drive Watsonville, CA 95076