Outpatient Services

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment services help people to establish a satisfying life without alcohol or other addictive drugs, improve the their ability to function, and address the medical and social complications of drug abuse. Our programs are designed to assist clients in acquiring the skills needed for long lasting recovery from addictions as well as offer strategies to resolve legal, social, and family issues stemming from alcohol and drug abuse.
Outpatient Programs:

ALTO Counseling Center in both North and South County offers a variety of outpatient treatment services:

• Individual and group chemical dependency counseling

• Aftercare and relapse prevention counseling

• Drug and alcohol abuse education

• Court-related services including

◦ Anger Management A 12-week evidence-based curriculum that has been designed to help participants increase personal awareness and reduce stress (offered in both North and South County in English and Spanish)
◦ Deferred Judgment (Court Diversion) provides an alternative to incarceration for first-offenders
◦ Domestic Violence Counseling for court-referred offenders
◦ Drinking Driver Programs offers adults convicted of First- and Multiple-Offense drinking and driving offenses counseling and education programs aimed at changing behavior