Home Visiting

All CFDP programs offer home visits to provide social services, and in the child development programs to support the parental role in children's healthy development. CFDP's home visiting program incorporates the following characteristics and service rationales:

Voluntary -Parents who are voluntarily involved are more receptive to services.

Family focused - Effective programs respond to the unique needs of each individual family.

Respect for diversity - Families are more likely to engage in services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Connection to other community services - Effective programs collaborate and coordinate with other community services to ensure that families are receiving all the services they need.

Intensive - Interventions that are frequent and occur over a long period of time have more significant and sustained effects.

Promote preventative health care - Effective programs support and encourage families to utilize preventative health care and connect with a primary health care provider.

Limited caseloads - Service providers with limited caseload are better able to meet the needs of their clients.

Well-trained staff - Effective programs employee well-trained staff. Program staff is selected based on their education, work, and life experiences, as well as their ability to communicate and establish trusting relationships.

Ongoing supervision - Effective programs provide staff with continuous, high quality supervision.

Strength based - Effective programs build on family strengths and work to empower parents.

Promote education - Effective programs support and encourage participants to enroll in continuing education.

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