Preparing children for school and providing parents with the skills and resources they need to support their child’s academic success are priorities for CFDP. Adult literacy classes are available for Head Start and Early Head Start parents. Families receive children's picture books and other resources to build family literacy. Community resources and referrals are available through the State Preschool/Literacy, and Families Together programs.

The CFDP Family Literacy Program addresses parent's unmet literacy needs and leverages their growing literacy to positively impact their children's education.

The Family Literacy Program is designed to encourage parents as their children's first teachers by:

• Fostering the nurturing relationship of parent and child through planned activities which increase literacy at home and in school;
• Promoting literacy-rich preschool classrooms;
• Motivating parents to acquire skills, training, and or education in order to secure employment and to be positive role models and advocates for their children.

Teachers and Home Visitors stress emergent literacy activities with children. These activities include:

• Parents' reading on a daily basis with their children.
• Lending libraries for families.
• Field trips for both parents and children to visit the local public libraries. During these library trips, many parents receive their first library cards.
• Gift books distributed to each child during the year underwritten by the Reading Is Fundamental program, the San Jose Mercury News Gift of Reading Program and First Book.
• Family Literacy Workshops based on parents needs and interests. Families are encouraged to help their children develop vocabulary, reading readiness and self-esteem through sharing of family stories.
• Hiring one parent at each center to work as a Parent Literacy Aide. Aides are trained to work one-on-one with children to develop their emerging literacy skills and to teach them to use literacy software on classroom computers.
• Referrals for parents to adult education, ESL, and tutoring programs to meet their own educational goals.

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