Papás of the Central Coast

Papás of the Central Coast offers parent groups and social activities in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties designed to strengthen the father-child bond. Our goals are to increase positive father-child relationships and promote the role of fathers in the lives of children. Program activities offer fun and educational opportunities for parents to learn about the beneficial role of father figures in the family and community.

Fathers concentrate their skill-building learning toward improving five relationships: relationship to child, to self, to co-parent, to family of origin, and to the community. Research shows that when dads (or father-figures) participate in children's lives, those kids do better in school, have less legal troubles, have better problem-solving skills and reduced teen pregnancy rates. In addition, fathers report more satisfaction at work, greater self-esteem, and better overall health. The strong father-child bond is a win-win partnership with lifelong benefits!

Additional Papás services include our Economic Stability program which assists fathers in finding or improving jobs. Case management is provided to each participant of all our programs. Free transportation, meals, and childcare are provided for all community-based classes.

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