SCAP Client Services

The goal of SCAP Client Services is to provide high-quality services to people living with HIV/AIDS so that they can not only survive, but also thrive in the face of their infection.

  • Case Management Case Managers provide emotional support, service plan development, referrals to providers in the community, and oversee or provide the following support services.
  • Benefits Advocacy People living with HIV/AIDS may qualify for benefits offered at the county, state and federal level. These benefits may include: Social Security, Medi-Cal, MediCare, AIDS Drug assistance Program (ADAP), State Disability, Cal-Works, General Assistance and more. SCAP Case Managers will assist clients towards receiving, maintaining, or reinstating their benefits.
  • Financial Assistance HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons living With AIDS) - is financial assistance specifically designated for people living with HIV/AIDS. Clients who are eligible may receive assistance with their rent, mortgage, and/or utilities. MAF (Medical Assistance Fund) is funded through the Ryan White Care Act/ Part B. Clients may request financial assistance to help them pay for uncovered medical costs, vitamins/supplements, and prescription reimbursement.
  • Transitional Housing SCAP owns and operates the Perlman House, as a transitional house for our clients. To be considered, clients must first qualify and then be placed on the waiting list for possible residency.
  • Food and Nutritional Assistance Located at SCAP's main office, a food pantry is available for clients living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Wellness Events SCAP is a strong supporter of wellness for all our clients and occasionally coordinates wellness events. Wellness is an integration of mind, body, and spirit so that one has a sense of balance and harmony in life. Wellness promotes self-care, self-understanding and connects one's life to the larger world.

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