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    Supporting Moms: Maternal Mental Health Month and Beyond

    Did you know that May is Maternal Mental Health Month? To mark the occasion, we want to remind moms (and all parents!) in our community that Encompass Community Services is here to support you. 

    Parenthood comes with a full spectrum of daily challenges and emotions, and prioritizing your health is a key part of ensuring your family’s wellbeing. This year, many parents are feeling particularly overwhelmed, anxious or stressed due to the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. We are here to help! We offer a wide range of counseling and treatment services all year round. Read on for information on how to access these free and low-cost programs.  

    Mental health services for moms

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    Investing in Fatherhood: Encompass Awarded New Pathways for Fathers and Children Grant


    Encompass strives to focus its programming on prevention services that will start our youth down a positive path so they never experience poverty, neglect, or trauma. Setting our young ones up for success is the most effective way to strengthen our community, but our children need the support at home, from both mom and dad. Our Papás program promotes father involvement as part of Encompass’s ongoing efforts to reduce the number of people in our community that struggle with homelessness, addiction, and unemployment.

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