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    Taking a Closer Look at Our Adult Outpatient Substance Use Services

    As we continue to celebrate National Recovery Month throughout September, we’re taking a closer look at the various programs we offer to support our community members’ path to better health.  

    Upon hearing the words “substance use treatment,” many people immediately picture residential services. While residential treatment programs are an important part of the recovery journey for many, they are just one of many approaches available to individuals seeking support. Outpatient behavioral health services are also a powerful piece of the recovery puzzle, especially considering that substance use disorder is a chronic disease; just like diabetes or hypertension, it requires ongoing care and support from medical and behavioral health experts. Outpatient behavioral health treatment can provide ongoing prevention, early intervention, and recovery support in a frequency and format that works best for the individual – whether it’s through group, family, or one-on-one counseling sessions.

    Through our Integrated Behavioral Health Adult Outpatient programs at Alto Counseling Centers, Encompass partners with a constellation of County, community, and healthcare partners to create a personalized continuum of care that supports each individual’s long-term health and well-being. We provide an array of services, including substance use counseling (free to Medi-Cal members and available to clients who are undocumented and non-Medi-Cal members) and mental health counseling for sliding scale fees dependent upon income.

    Adult Outpatient Services

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    Honoring National Recovery Month: Sí Se Puede!

    Did you know that September is National Recovery Month? This observance is held every year to promote and support new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices, the emergence of a strong and proud recovery community, and the dedication of service providers and community members across the nation who make recovery in all its forms possible. 

    At Encompass Community Services, we are honored to be a part of our community members' path to better health. Through our whole-person-centered approach to care, we provide tools, resources, and varying levels of care – from residential and outpatient substance use disorder and medicated-assisted treatment to mental health counseling – to meet each individual where they are in their recovery journey, all in an atmosphere of dignity and respect where they can thrive. Throughout the month, we'll be spotlighting several Encompass programs to provide a fuller picture of the range of services we offer. We hope you'll return to learn more!

    In this post, we're taking a closer look at one of our longest-running residential programs — Sí Se Puede. Located in the serene foothills of Watsonville, CA, Sí Se Puede is one of the only bilingual and monolingual treatment environments in the nation. The 23-bed residential program was developed and is led by Latino males with lived experience and intentionally prioritizes culturally aware programming that integrates evidence-based practices with the values of the communities we serve.

    Get to know our Sí Se Puede program!

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