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    Encompass Program Spotlight: Families Together

    We are so proud of our Encompass Families Together program! Families Together is an innovative counseling program that provides home-based services to Santa Cruz County families. The primary objectives of the program are to improve safety, child development, and family relationships. Our counselors work with parents, caregivers, and children to prevent child maltreatment and promote social and emotional well-being. 

    Families referred by Santa Cruz County Family & Children’s Services or CalWORKs are assigned a therapist who helps families with parenting strategies, child development, and parent-child attachment, and can connect families with other community resources such as substance use counseling, interpersonal violence services, and early education support.  

    Here’s an in-depth profile featuring our awesome Families Together Staff. We appreciate the support and services they provide to families across Santa Cruz County. To learn more about the Encompass Families Together program, please visit our web page. 

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    Encompass Requests Sealed Bids for Head Start Program Meals

    Encompass Community Services Head Start/Early Head Start is requesting sealed bids for a contract to provide meals for their Early Head Start (213 program days), Head Start Duration (170 program days), Head Start Part Year-Part Day (128 program days), and Head Start Blended (175 program days) program.

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