Financial Information

Encompass programs are funded through a wide variety of funding sources, including government entities at the school district, city, county, state, and federal levels. Funds for services also come from foundations, corporations, service clubs, third party insurers, and individual clients. The annual budget for Encompass Community Services is approximately $29 million.

The Board of Trustees supervises the CEO who in turn supervises each of the Program Directors, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Program Officer, and the Senior Directors over Quality and Impact.  Program Directors are responsible for ensuring compliance with all Encompass policies and contract requirements at the program level. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for financial controls and accounting procedures and reports directly to the CEO and the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Encompass has centralized its Administrative functions, which include grant and fiscal management, all accounting functions and maintenance of financial records, corporate services including staff to the Board of Trustees, and computerized client and financial information systems. Encompass' Financial Policies and Procedures outline agency requirements for all facets of financial procedures including: cash handling; internal controls; cash disbursement; fixed asset acquisition; cost allocation; and budget/financial monitoring. The Financial Analysts at Administrative Services work with each Program Director in budget development and prepare monthly fiscal monitoring reports for the Program Directors, the Chief Financial Officer, and the CEO.

Encompass is audited annually by an independent CPA firm which conducts an organization-wide audit in accordance with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards issued by the Government Accountability Office.

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