Meet Our DARS Team!

Our October staff highlight is the Data Analytics and Reporting Services (DARS) team. The DARS team is responsible for helping track, analyze, and report on data for our agency. Though it is easy to see the importance of our frontline staff, there are many teams behind the scenes that Encompass could not survive without and DARS is one of them. Data collection and analysis is a huge part providing high-quality healthcare. We need information to qualify and quantify how well we are doing for ourselves, our funders, and our clients. DARS spends countless hours designing data tracking software, pulling data for funding opportunities, and answering questions that help us better serve our community. This team does so much to keep our agency growing and thriving and we are so grateful for their amazing skill and dedication.

Wendy E.
Senior Data Analyst | DARS

Before her time at Encompass, Wendy worked in the arts as a radio disc jockey, running lights and sound for theaters, and even as a street musician.  In 2003, our agency was lucky enough to find Wendy when she was working in her own business as a computer consultant and needing a change.

Wendy started at Encompass providing administrative and IT support for Youth Services.  Though she came on part time in the beginning, it became clear that her skill with systems and data management were essential.  She developed and continues to maintain many of the database applications currently used at Encompass.

As Encompass grew, the need for a team focused solely on data and reporting became apparent.  In 2017, Wendy was given the important task of creating the Data Analytics and Reporting Services (DARS) team because the agency’s need for data management was ever increasing.  Wendy’s reliable support, her knowledge about Encompass programs, and her passion for data made her the perfect person for this huge responsibility.  Now she spends her days using her expertise to help the agency collect, track, analyze, and report data to continue our important work for the community.

When asked what she likes about Encompass, Wendy said, “The teamwork that happens here is amazing. Working on projects with others is really gratifying!”

When not working, Wendy loves being with her family and friends and being at the ocean. She says that aside from data, she still has a passion for music and loves to play word games.  Encompass is so grateful to have Wendy as part of our team.

Christine G.
Systems & Data Analyst | DARS

Like Wendy, Christine has been with Encompass since we were called Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center. Her first position was as a program assistant for Community Support Services, a grouping of adult programs. She became quickly invaluable as she had both the compassion it takes to work the front desk, and the analytical mind the helped programs run smoothly. When the DARS team was created in 2017, Christine was among the first added to the team. Initially, the adjustment of no longer working with clients was difficult but then Christine realized that her work with DARS was just as meaningful as her work with clients. Data is the driving force behind the Encompass vision and Christine is an integral part of that force.

Christine loves her team and the people she gets to collaborate with in her job. Christine’s talent for problem solving is unparalleled. She works with people throughout the agency on a daily basis to create solutions that benefit the people we serve. There is a lot of data entry involved in providing our services and Christine has made it her business to help teams increase efficiency and ultimately spend more time with clients.

In her free time, Christine enjoys biking and watching soccer. She just returned from vacation in Europe where she was able to spend time with family in Spain and do a bike tour in Portugal. Thank you, Christine, for your dedication to Encompass, our community, and your important work!