Taking a Closer Look at Our Adult Outpatient Substance Use Services

As we continue to celebrate National Recovery Month throughout September, we’re taking a closer look at the various programs we offer to support our community members’ path to better health.  

Upon hearing the words “substance use treatment,” many people immediately picture residential services. While residential treatment programs are an important part of the recovery journey for many, they are just one of many approaches available to individuals seeking support. Outpatient behavioral health services are also a powerful piece of the recovery puzzle, especially considering that substance use disorder is a chronic disease; just like diabetes or hypertension, it requires ongoing care and support from medical and behavioral health experts. Outpatient behavioral health treatment can provide ongoing prevention, early intervention, and recovery support in a frequency and format that works best for the individual – whether it’s through group, family, or one-on-one counseling sessions.

Through our Integrated Behavioral Health Adult Outpatient programs at Alto Counseling Centers, Encompass partners with a constellation of County, community, and healthcare partners to create a personalized continuum of care that supports each individual’s long-term health and well-being. We provide an array of services, including substance use counseling (free to Medi-Cal members and available to clients who are undocumented and non-Medi-Cal members) and mental health counseling for sliding scale fees dependent upon income.

Adult Outpatient Services

At our Alto Counseling Centers, Encompass connects individuals with licensed therapists and experienced, certified counselors who specialize in trauma-informed care for individuals and families. All of our counselors have significant experience with supporting people who struggle with substance and or alcohol use, mental health challenges, and family issues.  We also offer services that are culturally responsive to our community needs. We offer bilingual services in Spanish and have two outpatient office locations, one in Santa Cruz and one in Watsonville.

Sometimes counseling services are not enough, and individuals need more comprehensive medical support to support their recovery.  For people struggling with opioid use, we offer the support of our in-house medical and nursing team through Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT, in combination with outpatient substance use counseling, utilizes FDA-approved medications to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms so clients can focus on their recovery and achieving their full potential.  Research has proven MAT to be a highly effective evidenced-based treatment for people struggling with opioid use and we are excited to offer this at Alto Counseling Center.

To learn more about adult outpatient substance use disorder services available to the community, or to get connected to services, visit www.encompasscs.org/substance_use_disorder_treatment or call 831.423.2003.