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    Working Together for Financial Stability


Encompass Payee Services (EPS) provides financial management for beneficiaries who need assistance managing their Social Security and SSI benefits. EPS provides local, best practice, quality payee services that have the flexibility to meet each client’s needs. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service and assure collaboration with clients and community stakeholders so that effective and individualized services are provided.

What you can expect from Encompass Payee Services:

· Consistent and responsive service from knowledgeable staff.

· Speed and accuracy when assessing needs, building budgets and processing changes 

· A commitment to ensuring our clients maximize the resources available to them

Encompass Payee Services Provides:


· Direct Deposit of SSI/SSDI/SSA Benefits

· Direct Communication With Dedicated Staff Members

· Individual Budget Planning That Prioritizes Shelter and Food

· Monthly Direct and Timely Payment of Housing Costs and Bills

· Regular Distribution of Funds for Food and Personal Needs

·         Extra fund requests processed in 24-48 hours

· Budget Sheets and/or Transaction Ledgers

· MasterCard Debit Cards That Can Be Used at 5Star, MoneyPass, and Cirrus ATMs as well as local stores

· Close Coordination with the Local Social Security  Office

· Accurate Record Keeping and Completion of Financial Review Paperwork

· Close Communication with Case Managers

· Monthly Distribution of Bus Passes

· Assistance to Clients Wishing to Become Their Own Payee

Who is Eligible?

Individuals receiving SSI/SSDI/SSA who are facing challenges in managing their own benefits.

Application Process:

Written application is required.

Physician’s Determination of Capability is required. 

Please call for details.

Encompass Payee Services

716 Ocean St., Ste. 200

Santa Cruz, CA  95060

Phone: (831)426-0120

      FAX: (831)425-0607