Meet Our El Dorado Center Team!

Did you know that Encompass has a short-term mental health treatment program called El Dorado Center (EDC)? As one of five Encompass residentials, EDC's home-like facility offers services to help clients transition from a locked facility back to community living. The EDC team provides individual counseling, Therapeutic wellness groups, social activities, on-site psychiatric medication management, crisis intervention, and much more. They work hard to provide vital care that helps clients have a successful reintegration after a period of treatment. Read on to learn more about this amazing team and how you can help those who need support connect with these services?

Meet Encompass Community Services' El Dorado Center Team

Cathy Naughton

Medication Support Counselor | EDC Team

Cathy considers herself a peer in her work as a counselor at EDC. Her first introduction to Encompass was as a client at Santa Cruz Residential Recovery in 2005 and she has maintained her recovery ever since! She began her work with us in 2011 and has worn many hats in her time at Encompass. She started as a volunteer at the River Street Shelter but was quickly asked to join the team as an on-call counselor at our Telos and Second Story programs. She then became a full-time overnight counselor at Telos and Casa Pacific. Cathy has been at EDC for four years and is still adjusting to daytime hours! She currently works as a medication support counselor, doing the important work of making sure everyone’s medications are stocked, keeping track of medication orders, and getting all orders signed by a doctor. Cathy likes her work at EDC because of how client-centered the program is. She really appreciates that all clients are treated with genuine respect and care.

In her free time, Cathy likes to spend time with her sons and her husband. They like to go out to the movies, walk their Jack Russel terrier named Jethro, and build Lego projects -- especially anything Star Wars related!

Wyatt Chambers

Program Chef | EDC Team

Wyatt started at Encompass in March of 2020 as an on-call counselor at EDC right before the beginning of the pandemic! Wyatt came to Encompass with a desire to get some hands-on experience with mental health care and gain a connection to the community before pursuing a career in law enforcement. Though Wyatt started as a counselor, he now serves as the Program Chef for EDC. Aside from his interest in law enforcement, Wyatt has always been interested in culinary arts and likes the creativity involved with being the chef. In his current position, he creates menus, prepares meals, and cares for all the residents' dietary restrictions. Recently, he has been loving cooking Mexican food! Wyatt likes working at EDC because it is really rewarding to watch the clients change and succeed and he feels very supported by his coworkers.

When Wyatt isn’t cooking for EDC clients, he enjoys spending time with his fiancée binge watching Survivor, going to the gym, and watching football.

Adrianna Guajardo

Residential Counselor | EDC Team

Adrianna’s one-year anniversary at Encompass was July 12th! She is a counselor at EDC where she has a variety of responsibilities to make sure all EDC residents are safe and cared for. She loves to run the 9 am group where she gets to have coffee with residents and check in with their needs for the day. Adrianna really enjoys being part of a supportive team, being part of the residents’ healing journeys and helping motivate them to keep going. Recently, Adrianna was able to walk in her graduation from Cabrillo after finishing her studies during the pandemic. When she isn’t at work, she loves to spend time catching up with her family and friends.

To access EDC services, reach out to Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health at (800) 952-2335. For more info, check out EDC here. For more information on the programs we offer and latest news, subscribe to our newsletter here.