El Dorado

Treatment Focus: Helping individuals step down from locked care  

El Dorado Center (EDC) is a community-based, short-term treatment program for individuals who may be stepping down from locked care.  An intensive, structured residential program, EDC is an unlocked, home-like environment facilitating the healing process in preparation for transitioning back to community living. Our staff provide individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, structured activities, community outings, and assistance with independent living skills and connecting to the community. A registered nurse is on staff and a County psychiatrist is available for medication monitoring and management.    

Referrals to El Dorado Center must be coordinated with the Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health system of care. Please call the County Behavioral Health line at (800) 952-2335 to get started. If you are a service provider and would like to coordinate with El Dorado Center, please call (831) 479-9494.