Youth Services Counseling

Youth Services counseling is personalized to meet the individual needs of youth and to enhance the strengths and assets of each family. We provide individual, group, and family counseling for youth and families.

Participating in counseling improves family, peer, and community relationships; increases self-confidence and school performance; and reduces drug and alcohol use.

Who Qualifies? Youth ages 3-20 and their families

What is the Cost?

  • No fee for youth who have full-scope Medi-Cal insurance
  • We are developing a sliding scale fee structure – stay tuned!

Contact Info:

(831) 429-8350

[email protected]


Youth Substance Use Counseling

At Encompass, we value dignity and respect for all people as they work toward healing and recovery. Our certified clinicians provide a full spectrum of trauma-informed substance use disorder services for youth and their families. As an integrated behavioral health agency, we also specialize in treating co-occurring disorders. Harm reduction is central to our approach, and we use a number of evidence-based modalities. Mindfulness and body awareness activities are also integrated into our programs.

Group Counseling: Evidence-based group models, such as Seven Challenges and Seeking Safety, are offered at our north and south office locations.

Individual Counseling: One-on-one counseling is offered in our Santa Cruz and Watsonville offices, as well as in community locations like schools and homes.

Intensive Outpatient Counseling: For youth at very high risk, we can provide intensive services (at least six hours per week), including individual, family, and group modalities.

To access treatment or make a referral, please call (831) 226-3728.

School-Based Counseling

Youth Services counseling staff also provide services in schools:

  • Our Trainee program places counseling staff in alternative education classrooms across the county.
  • Counseling specific to youth with individualized education plans (IEP) or at placed in alternative education classrooms is also offered on school sites by a clinician with specialized experience.


La consejería que ofrecemos se puede personalizar para satisfacer las necesidades individuales de los jóvenes y ampliar las capacidades y cualidades de la familia. Ofrecemos consejería individual para jóvenes y familias.

La participación en consejería mejora las relaciones de la familia y la comunidad, a la vez que aumenta la seguridad en sí mismos y el desempeño escolar, y reduce el uso de alcohol y drogas.

¿Quién califica?
Juventud 3 - 20 y sus familias

¿Cuál es el costo?
• No hay costo para los jóvenes que tienen el seguro de Medi-Cal
• We are developing a sliding scale fee structure – stay tuned!

Hacer una cita:

Consejería:  (831) 429-8350

Alcohol o Drogas: (831) 226-3728

[email protected]