Housing 4 Health (H4H)

Housing for Health is a program that aims to support and house chronically homeless individuals in Santa Cruz County through therapeutic case management and access to the Disabled and Medically Vulnerable (DMV) Housing Choice Voucher administered by the Housing Authority. Participants receive assistance applying for the DMV voucher, coaching and navigation expertise on effective housing search methods, advocacy and referrals to additional resources, and retention support once housing is secured to ensure long-term stability. Housing for Health is a participant in Santa Cruz County’s Smart Path Coordinated Entry System, which is a prioritization database that links those experiencing homelessness with services that they qualify for based on their unique vulnerability score. If you, or those you know, are experiencing homelessness and looking to secure a pathway to housing, please go to one of the Public Access Points to complete an assessment in order to be entered into the database and linked to appropriate services. The Housing for Health program is solely taking referrals from the Smart Path Coordinated Entry System and cannot guarantee that an assessment into the System will result in a referral to the Housing for Health program.

Learn more: https://smartpathscc.org